the insignificant word
To the world you may be one person;
but to one person you may be the world
— Dr. Seuss

Words from beloved ones can cheer you up but at the same time let you down. Same is true in a child's perspective. One form of abuse we often overlook that is as severe as others is Verbal Abuse. It comes in many forms; it can be quiet, repetitive, hurtful and unintentionally. The impacts are less visible to the eyes and most time become 'normal' in the child's perspective.

Being a new parent, it can be stressful as there is no absolute solution to raising a child. At Conscious Love", our goal is to provide any new parents with a better understanding of verbal abuse and its impact, enlighten any misconceptions and provide tips to positive parenting. However, this course is not a campaign, a verdict, or an absolute solution.

We believe that by practicing positive parenting, the family relationship becomes stronger, resulting in a happier upbringing and positive impact on children.


Our online course, 'The Insignificant Word' is sorted into three sections, from offering alternative sayings to getting to know each type of verbal abuse to prevent it from happening, and lastly, tips on positive parenting.

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"People are likely to let go of verbal abuse incidents because they leave invisible marks."

Does verbal abuse have to be loud?

It can be both loud and quiet.

Have you ever regretted saying something to someone?


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As a parent, it is almost inevitable to deny stressful situations where an emotional outburst may occur. Bonding box is designed to help you practice alternative speaking. Prepare you for what to come when dealing with your child in stressful situation

This Bonding Box will be sent to you upon registering on our online course. It includes a Deck of Change, which is a deck of flip cards that gives you what or what not to say. Secondly an informative brochure, which you can learn more about the hidden characteristics of verbal violence. Lastly, we offer you a parenting journal, a daily journal that doesn't only help you keep track of your life routine, but also promotes a stronger bond between you and your child.

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